Colad is Eco-Friendly!

Colad is Chain-of-Custody certified by two independent certification agencies: the Forestry Stewardship Council ("FSC"), and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative ("SFI"). Many products sold by Colad through are either FSC certified, or SFI certified. Some pre-templated artwork features a certification logo. The user may delete the logo but the user may not alter the logos in any way. If the user inserts graphics that cover or conceal the certification logo, user still accepts that their product may be either FSC or SFI certified. FSC and SFI have their own requirements for presentation of their logos; if a user inserts graphics that partially but not fully conceal the certification logo or that are set too close to the certification logo, then Colad reserves the right to deem your artwork unacceptable, in which case you will be notified promptly and permitted to change the content or layout to fit our requirements. The user agrees that in no way does the presence of an FSC or SFI certification logo transfer to the user any rights to use the FSC or SFI logos on any other products; for user to advertise or make claims that user, user's business, or any other entity related to the user is FSC or SFI certified; or for user to use the FSC or SFI logos in any off-product promotions. User agrees to abide by all terms and conditions imposed by FSC and SFI, respectively, regarding the use of their copyrighted and trademarked logos. Colad may at any time and without notice end its certification with FSC and/or SFI.

On behalf of everyone at Colad, thank you for helping us to promote sustainable environmental business practices. Now, let's create some brilliant custom binders, custom boxes, custom folders & custom packaging!